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Author : Nancy Fraser
Category :
Publisher :
Published : 1998
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page :
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Author : Morris Dickstein
Category : Law
Publisher : Duke University Press
Published : 1998-11-23
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 468
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Description: DIVAn assessment, by a distinguished panel of experts, on the impact of pragmatism on contemporary thought./div

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Author : Leonard Harris
Category : Philosophy
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Published : 1999
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 392
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Description: This book provides a comprehensive overview of Alain Locke's pragmatist philosophy. It aims to capture the radical implications of Locke's approach within pragmatism, the critical temper embedded in Locke's works, the central role of power and empowerment of the oppressed, and the concept of broad democracy Locke employed. Arguing that the school of thought Locke initiated is best described as critical pragmatism, the well-known philosopher and Locke scholar, Leonard Harris, provides a clear and thorough introduction to Locke's thought that will be useful to students and scholars alike. At a time when critical theory in all forms_post-Marxist, legal, race, and gender theory_is undergoing a major reassessment, this volume is especially timely. Locke's critical pragmatism arguably avoids the pitfalls of critical theory, anticipates its tremendous contribution to human liberation, and offers an alternative to the limitations of classical pragmatism. This volume introduces unique individual interpretations of Locke and critical reflections on his philosophy. Each author, in the spirit of Locke's critical temper, offers their own contribution to extremely difficult issues.

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Author : Christopher Buck
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : Kalimat Press
Published : 2005
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 324
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Description: Alain Locke was one of the leading African American intellectuals of his day. Best known as the father of the Harlem Renaissance - the mastermind behind the explosion of black music, literature, and art during the 1920s and 1930s that centered in New York - he also pioneered calls for multicultural democracy and cultural pluralism, tirelessly demanding that America make good on its promises of interracial equality. Locke became a Baha'i in 1918, and remained a believer until his death. While his contributions to African American history have been widely appreciated, Locke's commitment to the Baha'i Faith is not widely known or understood. Here is the first and only serious, scholarly study of Locke's identity and commitment as a Baha'i. The book provides exhaustive evidence of Locke's conversion; his two pilgrimages to the Baha'i Shrines in the Holy Land; his correspondence with Shoghi Effendi Rabbani, then Guardian of the Baha'i Faith; and his years of estrangement from the Washington, D.C., Baha'i community. Beyond this, the book explores Locke's ideas of "spiritual democracy" and demonstrates how the Baha'i principles of the unity of humanity and "unity in diversity" influenced Locke's thinking - and how Locke also left his mark on Baha'i ideals.

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Author : Gregory Phipps
Category : Literary Criticism
Publisher : Springer
Published : 2018-11-02
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 274
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Description: This book charts an interdisciplinary narrative of literary pragmatism and creative democracy across the writings of African American women, from the works of nineteenth-century philosophers to the novels and short stories of Harlem Renaissance authors. The book argues that this critically neglected narrative forms a genealogy of black feminist intersectionality and a major contribution to the development of American pragmatism. Bringing together the philosophical writings of Maria Stewart, Anna Julia Cooper, and Mary Church Terrell and the fictional works of Jessie Fauset, Nella Larsen, and Zora Neale Hurston, this text provides a literary pragmatist study of the archetypes, tropes, settings, and modes of resistance that populate the narrative of creative democracy. Above all, this book considers how these philosophers and authors construct democracy as a lived experience that gains meaning not through state institutions but through communities founded on relationships among black women and their shared understandings of culture, knowledge, experience, and rebellion.

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Author : Michael Magee
Category : Literary Collections
Publisher : University of Alabama Press
Published : 2004-04-12
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 263
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Description: A daring and innovative study that rewrites the story of American pragmatism. Emancipating Pragmatism is a radical rereading of Emerson that posits African- American culture, literature, and jazz as the very continuation and embodiment of pragmatic thought and democratic tradition. It traces Emerson's philosophical legacy through the 19th and 20th centuries to discover how Emersonian thought continues to inform issues of race, aesthetics, and poetic discourse. Emerson's pragmatism derives from his abolitionism, Michael Magee argues, and any pragmatic thought that aspires toward democracy canno.

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Author : Jacoby Adeshei Carter
Category : Philosophy
Publisher : Lexington Books
Published : 2010-09-23
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 266
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Description: Alain Locke, the central promoter of the Harlem Renaissance, is placed in conversation with leading philosophers and cultural figures in the modern world, from Aristotle to Obama. For teachers and students of contemporary debates in pragmatism, diversity, and value theory, these conversations' define new-and controversial-terrain.

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Author : Bill E. Lawson
Category : Social Science
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Published : 2004-04-21
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 251
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Description: A collection of essays examining a pragmatic approach to racism. How should pragmatists respond to and contribute to the resolution of one of America’s greatest and most enduring problems? Given that the most important thinkers of the pragmatist movement—Charles S. Peirce, William James, John Dewey, and George Herbert Mead—said little about the problem of race, how does their distinctly American way of thinking confront the hardship and brutality that characterizes the experience of many African Americans in this country? In twelve thoughtful and provocative essays, contemporary American pragmatists connect ideas with action and theory with practice to come to terms with this seemingly intractable problem. Exploring themes such as racism and social change, the value of the concept of race, the role of education in ameliorating racism, and the place of democracy in dealing with the tragedy of race, the voices gathered in this volume consider how pragmatism can focus new attention on the problem of race. Contributors are Michael Eldridge, Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., Judith M. Green, D. Micah Hester, Donald F. Koch, Bill E. Lawson, David E. McClean, Gregory F. Pappas, Scott L. Pratt, Alfred E. Prettyman, John R. Shook, Paul C. Taylor, and Cornel West.

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Author : Deborah Whitehead
Category : Philosophy
Publisher : Indiana University Press
Published : 2016-01-21
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 194
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Description: “Continues and adds to a rich conversation among American philosophers concerning the origins of pragmatism and its possibilities for the future.” —William Gavin, University of Southern Maine William James, Pragmatism, and American Culture focuses on the work of William James and the relationship between the development of pragmatism and its historical, cultural, and political roots in nineteenth-century America. Deborah Whitehead reads pragmatism through the intersecting themes of narrative, gender, nation, politics, and religion. As she considers how pragmatism helps to explain the United States to itself, Whitehead articulates a contemporary pragmatism and shows how it has become a powerful and influential discourse in American intellectual and popular culture.

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Author : Gerard Delanty
Category : Political Science
Publisher : Routledge
Published : 2021-09-21
Type : PDF & EPUB
Page : 630
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Description: The triangular relationship between the social, the political, and the cultural has opened up social and political theory to new challenges. The social can no longer be reduced to the category of society, and the political extends beyond the traditional concerns of the nature of the state and political authority. This Handbook will address a range of issues that have recently emerged from the disciplines of social and political theory, focusing on key themes as opposed to schools of thought or major theorists. It is divided into three sections which address: the most influential theoretical traditions that have emerged from the legacy of the twentieth century; the most important new and emerging frameworks of analysis today; the major theoretical problems in recent social and political theory. The Second edition is an enlarged, revised, and updated version of the first edition, which was published in 2011 and comprised 42 chapters. The new edition consists of 50 chapters, of which seventeen are entirely new chapters covering topics that have become increasingly prominent in social and political theory in recent years, such as populism, the new materialism, postcolonialism, Deleuzean theory, post-humanism, post-capitalism as well as older topics that were not covered in the first edition, such as Arendt, the gift, critical realism, anarchism. All chapters retained from the first edition have been thoroughly revised and updated. The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory encompasses the most up-to-date developments in contemporary social and political theory, and as such is an essential research tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers working in the fields of political theory, social and political philosophy, contemporary social theory, and cultural theory.


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